Navigating the Digital and Online Marketing Landscape

Online Marketing

Online Marketing

The internet age has brought about some of the most excellent communication and information-processing revolutions since the Industrial Revolution. On a global scale, this media and technology have given digital marketers and their clients unprecedented access to highly targeted, successful campaigns at lower costs than ever for an impressive potential return on marketing investment.

Day after day, many organizations continue investing in traditional or offline marketing without considering the consequences for their clients. Without clear objectives and goals, focus on execution, focus on key messages and calls-to-action – these efforts often go unused.

Like traditional marketing methods, online and digital strategies should create a virtual “web of links” across the internet and in emails to communicate initial messages, build brand recognition, and drive increased website traffic through these links.

Website activities may include:-

Additionally, search engine optimization of any site should be reinforced with a digital marketing and online advertising campaign to drive additional direct traffic there. This doesn’t need to be costly if effective targeting and campaigning are in place.

Here are a few methods of digital and online marketing to consider, though this list is not exhaustive:-

Deciding which digital and online tactics will be most advantageous for your business can be tricky. Much depends on factors like product or service, budget, marketing goals, sales targets, and, most importantly – consistency! When making this decision, ensure it has both sides are covered equally.

From February 10 to 22, thousands of students attended classes this past spring break at St. Michael’s school in downtown Salt Lake City. It’s estimated that at least 10,000 of these children walked home feeling content with themselves every day! Cautionary note: despite all the hype about digital and online marketing, campaigns of any kind should never be solely carried out online at the expense of offline methods – even 100% of internet businesses need to communicate effectively with their customers through after-sales activities (i.e., newsletters). Traditional PR (including leaflets within packaging) or online marketing requires patience for results; as with all marketing, each business will find what works best for them and their target audience. Hiring an agency to collaborate on campaigns, implementation, measurement (one of the most significant advantages of digital marketing), and adjustment may be beneficial.

If you need a marketing agency to assist with digital marketing services, contact Karen and her team at Elan CM Ltd.

Karen Fiddes and her team at Elan CM possess vast expertise and know-how in integrated marketing communications planning and implementation for small, medium, and large businesses. Drawing from client and agency perspectives, they combine this expertise to offer services that consistently yield returns for clients. Karen has an avid interest in digital marketing while striving to stay abreast of all developments related to this space. Our on-and offline media services are provided through in-house resources and partnerships; our close and highly proactive approach towards client needs has been described as “refreshing”!

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